Hi! I'm Jean, 17 yrs.old. ♀ from PH. This is my anime blog not my personal blog I only post anime, manga & i also make shitty graphics. 99% anime.

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Hi! It’s been a long time since i check out my tumblr.. I’m just really busy with my school works since i’m a graduated student and never had a chance of posting anime stuffs hehehe. And i’ve been addicted to online games..until now :))) But i’ll try my best to catch up! 


guys complaining about the characters of swimming anime being unrealistic expectations for the male body

have you ever watched anime before? i mean. literally any anime? have you seen two seconds of any anime before in your life

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  • otp:you'll ship us until your kokoro hurts
  • otp:you'll reblog a lot of fanart of us
  • otp:you'll roll on the floor because feelings
  • otp:and you'll scream everytime we show up together on the screen
  • me:yes my lord